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Preparing Today's Leaders
for Tomorrows Challenges


Preparing Today's Leaders for Tomorrows Challenges

Precision Rifle Symposium

San Luis Obispo, CA - March 8-10, 2023

Back Again for Year Two!
Join us for CATO’s 2nd annual PRECISION RIFLE SYMPOSIUM. Experience one of the most exciting training sessions available from CATO.

Test your skills in numerous courses of fire—all designed to replicate real-life deployment conditions that require a variety of skill sets and positions.

Network with other professionals, check out the hottest products on the market and get the latest critical incident debriefs involving precision rifle deployments. 

Last year’s event was action-packed and wildly successful—and the venue is ideal!

Only 80 spots available, so it’s guaranteed to fill up fast.

Know a vendor who shares our passion and values?

Booth space is FREE for all participating vendors who donate raffle prizes.

Contact Matt Alexander at

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EPISODE 45 – Echelon Front’s Codey Gandy

Kevin Cyr (RCMP SWAT) joins Marcus with Echelon Front’s Codey Gandey.  Codey is part of the Echelon Front staff and is the lead for their First Responder Training program.  Codey has worked with a variety of agencies and has personally worked with Kevin’s full-time swat team in British Columbia.  The group discusses common challenges agencies face and how Echelon can help your team succeed.


Precision Rifle Symposium

March 8-10, 2023 | San Luis Obispo, CA

Participants will be tested in numerous courses of fire designed to replicate deployment conditions using a variety of skill sets and positions. All courses of fire will be completed as a 2-person team, and a winning team will be established during the event based on overall demonstrated performance. Most events will be conducted at 200 yards or less, but an extended distance event may be included. Attendees should bring a minimum of a scoped rifle, backpack, deployment gear, 100 rounds of factory-grade ammunition, a gas mask, spotting scope or binoculars, and a tripod.  


IN COMMAND AND OUT OF CONTROL: Complex and Chaotic Events Require Adaptive Interaction and an Adaptive Response

An organization that tries to be in control of everything will not be successful in crisis. In our efforts to bring order to chaos, the overwhelming focus is to gain control of everything possible. We attempt to control the first responders: the police, fire, EMS and the bystanders who take initiative to help in the response. We intend to control the victims and the bad guys.


Meet the Physicist Predicting When Online Hate Will Turn to Real-World Violence

About a half-mile from the White House, a presentation on online extremism is taking place at George Washington University (GW). The precise setting, however, is unusual: The event is in the physics building, rather than one of the political science halls across the street, and the discussion is being led by a fast-talking and personable British physicist.

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