Tactical Firearms Instructor Course March 2024

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Course Description

This handgun and carbine course is designed for personnel responsible for the firearms training for their SWAT Team or other tactical units.  CATO’S Firearms Instructor Course supports the recommendations under Section 10.2 of CA POST SWAT Guidelines and Penal Code section 13514.1(d).  The course includes:

  • Safety protocols
  • Lesson plan development
  • Training documentation
  • Decision-making
  • Course of fire development
  • Safely running a range
  • Lethal force options
  • Adult learning concepts

Course instructors: Taught by current operational members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) who have extensive tactical operations experience and are responsible for all firearms training at SEB.


  • Bring an agency lesson plan, course of fire, and qualification standard.
  • Pass at least one CATO pistol and carbine standard to successfully complete the course.
  • Successfully run range drills under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Conduct a 60-minute team presentation on a firearm course of fire.
  • Pass a 25 questions final exam with a score of 100%.
  • Bring 1,500 rounds of pistol ammunition and 1,500 rounds of carbine ammunition.
  • Bring deployable tactical gear including vest, helmet, gloves, hearing protection, clear ballistic eye protection, shot timer, whistle, BDU style uniform, and weapon cleaning supplies.
  • Bring appropriate weapons systems with weapon mounted or handheld lights.
  • Prior to class, provide type of pistol, shotgun, and carbine that will be used during the course.

Students are required to qualify with their pistol and carbine on the first day of class. The qualification courses will be provided before the course begins, giving students time to practice and prepare for the courses of fire. Failure to qualify will be grounds for dismissal from the course.