SWAT Team Leader Course – January 2024

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This 40-hour course is designed for law enforcement SWAT Team Leaders. It is not about tactics, but rather the fundamental doctrinal principles from which all tactics are derived. The concepts, principles, and methodologies discussed have universal applications and can be applied to any unfolding dynamic tactical problem regardless of the size or nature of the event. Skills learned will be reinforced through a series of case studies, games, and practical exercises. Instruction consists of classroom discussion, student involvement by way of group exercises, table top exercises, presentations, and case reviews of tactical incidents. This course focuses on tactical decision-making as well as the guidelines of Penal Code Section 13514.1 and the POST SWAT Operational Guidelines and Standardized Training Recommendations (2019). Please DO NOT bring any weapons or tactical equipment to this course.


This course is taught by a cadre of instructors with extensive SWAT experience at various ranks including operator, team leader, and commander. The instructors represent agencies of various sizes from throughout the state, providing a broad range of perspectives from which they will offer comprehensive solutions to new team leaders in the special operations community.


A laptop computer that has PowerPoint installed and the ability to connect to a projector. There are tactical exercises during the course that students will use to develop and present tactical plans.


Class will begin at 0800 hours on the first day and conclude at 1200 hours on the last day. Please contact Desiree Harrington regarding hotel information.