Chemical Agent Instructor – January 2024

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Course Description

Chemical Agent Instructor addresses multiple facets of chemical agents to include safety, training, proper deployment, tactical applications, decontamination, administrative duties, and liability. Each student is required to present assigned topics throughout the week to the class and team-teach an assigned topic to a group of students as part of the course’s final exam.  Students must also pass a written final exam. Students will need to bring either a laptop or iPad/Tablet to complete the written components of the practical application presentation.

Required Equipment:

  • The Following Munitions – two (2) ferrets and (2) handheld chemical agent munitions (for students who must fly to the course, please contact to discuss options)
  • A 37mm/40mm chemical agent launcher for the munitions brought to the class
  • Gas mask/Air Purifying Respirator and an extra filter
  • Hearing protection (that can be worn with a gas mask/APR)
  • Nomex gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Tactical uniform and boots or other appropriate clothing
  • Calculator
  • Smart device (i.e. Laptop, iPad/Tablet and/or Smart Phone)

Chemical Agent Instructor is POST-approved as a Plan IV course.