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5D Battlespace

The Fly On The Wall

Smack! The lifeless mosquito falls to the ground as the man’s hairy hand lowers from the back of his tattooed neck. As he walks away, he doesn’t notice the sparks and the little puff of smoke that emanate from the mosquito on the ground. He’s busy; he has four hostages inside a building and is threatening to kill them all. Armed with a rifle, he is irrational and makes no demands. The tactical response team is already on the scene and prepared to handle the situation. This response, though, is unlike anything seen in previous decades.

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Critical Incident Leadership Course for Field Supervisors – February 2023

This course is designed to provide law enforcement first responders assigned to a supervisory/leadership role as well as tactical operators/supervisors with the tools and techniques to make informed and effective decisions during critical incidents. Instruction will include techniques for identifying important characteristics in a developing incident, recognizing factors that influence the event, establishing priorities, and taking action to prevent escalation, promote de-escalation, and begin intervention toward a successful resolution. The course is instructed by tenured patrol/field supervisors with significant tactical experience who will share their leadership experiences related to critical incident management to help officers and supervisors successfully resolve incidents in the field environment.

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